Are you impartial?

Yes, our energy price comparison service is totally impartial and unbiased. We are independent of all the energy supply companies that we show on our service. In fact, we do not even allow them to advertise their services on our website.

How much will it cost me to use your service to change my energy supplier?

Absolutely nothing. Our service is free to all consumers. There are no restrictions on how many times you can use it, nor is there any obligation if you do.

Will The Energy Shop take any money from me?

No. Should you decide to opt for a monthly direct debit plan, we will however need to ask you for your bank account details. These are collected on our secure server, and passed to your new supplier so that they can set up the direct debit for you.

How can you offer this service for free?

We receive a small commission from your new supplier, if you decide to use our service to switch. This does not increase the price that you pay to your supplier, nor does it affect the way that we present you with the best energy deals. These are ranked strictly according to the savings that you can make based upon your personal circumstances and selections. These commissions contribute to the cost of providing this service and allow us to offer it to consumers for free.

Do you cover all the energy deals in the market?

We cover all suppliers of gas and electricity licensed to supply domestic consumers in Great Britain. In addition we also cover some of the main unlicensed suppliers. We cover all current tariffs from these suppliers across all the main energy payment methods. In this way we show you all the best deals currently available to you. As a general rule, we do not cover 'historic' or 'preserved' tariffs. These are energy tariffs where the price has been fixed at a given level because, for example, it was offered with a price guarantee for a certain period of time. These tariffs are no longer available to you, so you will not be able to apply for them.

Do you sell your own gas and electricity?

No. That would compromise our independence.

How do you keep your prices up to date?

We monitor prices from all UK energy suppliers on a continuous basis. We cross-check and validate all data that we receive from suppliers to ensure its integrity before updating our databases. In this way we aim to have constantly up-to-date prices, the highest levels of accuracy, and the most comprehensive service in the market.

Is The Energy Shop website secure?

Yes it is. Any personal information that is processed on the site is done on a secure server using the latest SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. This means that your information is encrypted and cannot be read by anyone other than The Energy Shop. The security of our site is validated by Verisign, the largest provider of online security certificates in the world. We follow strict internal procedures in the way that we handle your information to ensure that it is safe from unauthorised access. We are registered with the UK Data Protection Commissioner under the Data Protection Act 1998. This regulates the way in which your personal information is handled.

How can I contact you if I have questions about the website?

You can contact our customer service team in the following way:
Online: Contact Us
Email: help@TheEnergyShop.com

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