The Energy Shop was the first ever energy price comparison service to be accredited under the energywatch Code for energy price comparison sites (now the Ofgem Confidence Code). We have remained accredited under the Confidence Code since we first launched. This means that we have consistently passed strict tests that confirm that the service we offer is comprehensive, accurate and totally impartial.

In accordance with our commitments to the Confidence Code we take great care to ensure that we include all licensed UK energy suppliers and products in the marketplace.

We are independent of all energy suppliers and totally impartial in the way that we present results. Your savings analysis will show results ranked according to the savings that you can make and according to your product choices. You are of course free to change the order in which you want to see those results.

Compare. Switch. Save. Join millions of homes switching with the UK energy experts.

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Ofgem Confidence Code
Fully accredited by Ofgem since 2003